Folsom Fast VR Trainer

The Folsom Fast VR Trainer was my Design Thesis project for my Master’s program at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My advisor on the project was Dr. Dan Szafir.

The project originated from an in-class project in the Intro to Virtual Reality class. The purpose of the project was to design a VR game that required the player to respond to on screen prompts that asked the player questions about the play they had just witnessed. This was designed to train players’ eyes to ensure they are looking at the appropriate things as determined by the coach that helps decide which questions are put on screen.

Folsom Fast VR is designed to be used with Google Cardboard VR (or other VR headset) combined with a bluetooth paired controller. The user puts on the headset and plays from the day’s earlier practice are randomly selected. After watching the play, the user is prompted with a question input by their coach testing whether or not the player’s eyes was in the right location.

The final iteration of the project consisted of formalizing an XML data structure to import and handle all of the video and associated question/answer data. The game itself runs on Unity and imports video and question data from a local XML file. This allows the game to be fluid and allows coaches to change the game by simply uploading their video with their questions/answers in the appropriate XML format.