Gofire Capping Station


A large portion of what makes the Gofire Inhaler so unique is the fact that it reads a microchip affixed to each Gofire cartridge. This microchip contains a variety of useful information to the consumer, namely the 3rd party tested batch-specific potency of the specific cartridge. Often, cartridge fillers do not have this information in hand until the day they are filling cartridges. In order for this information to be accurate, it was necessary to develop a cartridge capping/programming station that would be operated by cartridge fillers. A custom B2B hardware/software solution, it was extremely important that the system was as flawless as possible (to prevent un-programmed cartridges from entering the market) and could be operated by a filler with no prior experience (Gofire Cartridge filling partners have high employee turnover rate).

The Gofire Capping Station consists of a custom capping rig and a laptop.

The Gofire MIP Portal is the data entry portal developed for Gofire’s B2B partners to enter their product data into the Gofire ecosystem. Gofire partners enter this information at the batch level, and an admin selects the batches that are going to be filled each day. These batches then show up in the Gofire Capping Station queue. Once selected, filling partners can then begin to program the cartridges. This prototype was developed to show the different screens a Gofire filling partner could be prompted with. Green Cartridges have been successfully programmed. Yellow cartridges are either not present or need to be programmed again. Red cartridges were programmed unsuccessfully and need to be quarantined to prevent them from being released to the public. These wireframes were then developed into the Capping Station UI used in the Capping Station today.