Scatterfield was originally a project put together by Zane Cochran and Erica Parson. An art exhibition, Scatterfield ran at a gallery in Athens, Georgia for a few months, before being deconstructed. Scatterfield was completely rebuilt in the summer of 2015 by Alec Leeseberg and Zane Cochran, to be displayed at the Cube in Athens. It currently resides in HackBerry Lab.



Scatterfield consists of several hundred ping pong balls attached to multi-colored LED’s, hanging from randomly from lengths of wire. The display is controlled by an iMac. Configuration requires individually lighting each ping pong ball. This is captured by an XBOX Kinect, which sends the data through a Processing sketch, allowing for lighting to be controlled according to region the light is in as opposed to its position in the overhead grid. The result is a random arrangement of blinking lights when viewed from any angle except where the configuration took place, where a picture can be seen. Videos and music visualizations can be played on Scatterfield with much success considering the low (and randomly arranged) pixel density of the display.